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Sonder Surf Series Guitars are individually hand-crafted by Marvel Boards and Boats in Sarasota, Florida. Ken Marvel selects a unique mix for each body from his curated collection of exotic woods. 

Surf Series Guitars showcase the beauty of the wood by eliminating a traditional pickguard as well as access plates on the back of the body. 

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The Surf Series T-Type is equipped with a Gotoh Chrome Plated Brass 6-saddle Tele style bridge. This offers better intonation and tuning stability over the traditional 3 saddles on more vintage offerings. Brass saddles are imperative to that classic Tele tone. 

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The body carve of the Surf Series T-Type is inspired by vintage surf boards. The forearm contour on the front of the body, and belly contour on the back are unique to Sonder Guitars and provide ultimate comfort and a sleek look. 

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18:1 ratio locking tuners are used on each Surf Series guitar for maximum tuning stability.

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All Surf Series Guitars come equipped with Porter Pickups, handwound in the USA. These fantastic boutique pickups are available in all different styles. The Surf Series T-Type features Porter's Custom Tele Pickups. Alnico 5 magnets in a custom staggered pole position offers punchy attack and excellent dynamics. These pickups are a little more aggressive and well rounded than traditional Tele type pickups.

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The Surf Series T-Type offers traditional Tele style controls, with a volume and tone control, and 3-way pickup selector. All pots, caps, and wiring are of the highest quality. The pickup and control cavities are fully copper shielded ensuring a clean, clear, and quiet signal for great tone.

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Neck woods are either hand selected to match the body, or can be customized depending on preferences. Each neck is hand-oiled, providing a smooth and fast feel. 


Neck attachment is perhaps one of the most underappreciated, yet critical aspects of electric guitar construction. Surf Series Guitars start with a much thicker steel neck plate. Instead of traditional wood screws, Sonder employs brass neck anchors and machine screws. The combination of brass and maximum torque results in incredible increased sustain and warmer, thicker tones.

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